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Anhui Jingke Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the National University Science and Technology Park of Anhui Province. The company has established long-term partnerships with Zhejiang University, Hefei University of Technology and other famous universities and well-known research institutes in the aerospace field. It is engaged in mechatronics, testing and control technology, Development and production of high-tech products in the field of digital simulation analysis and structural optimization.

The personnel of Anhui Jingke Testing Technology Co., Ltd. consists of three parts: the first part is a team of scientific research personnel composed of senior engineers, mainly responsible for the research of theories and methods, the formulation and review of the plan; the second part is the professional mechanical design Engineers, mechanical process engineers, electrical engineers, CAE analysis engineers, software engineers, sales engineers, after-sales service engineers and other engineering and technical personnel team; the third part is composed of production personnel in the processing base. Anhui Jingke Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is a truly integrated unit of production, education and research, with strong innovation, development, production and after-sales service capabilities. The company has a dedicated manufacturing and processing base and after-sales service team, which can provide a strong guarantee for the on-time, high-quality completion of contract projects and timely and excellent after-sales service.

Our mission:Explore the unknown, trace the origin

Our goal

·Continue to innovate and create the best social, economic and environmental benefits through leading technological solutions. We will uphold the working philosophy of hard work, adhere to customer-centricity, and continue to create maximum value for customers.

Our core technology

·High-speed and high-dynamic transmission system design technology, actual working condition dynamic simulation technology, high-dynamic motor closed-loop control technology, vibration and noise simulation analysis technology, digital simulation analysis technology, customized test system solutions, high-pressure large-flow hydraulic system design technology, EMC/ EMI shielding technology.

Our main business

·The company's main business is non-standard testing benches for testing systems such as power systems, hydraulic systems, and transmission systems. The main users are all automobile OEMs and main supporting factories, military industry enterprises, aerospace enterprises, scientific research institutes and universities.

Our certificate

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